About Us

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At Cummings Farms, our goal is to mold tradition with technology by utilizing the core values of past generations with the state of the art equipment and modern farming techniques of today. Started in 1936, Cummings Farms is now a fourth generation father and son farming operation, located in central Iowa a half mile northeast of Malcom.


With over seventy years of experience, we're dedicated to meet your farming needs while retaining the competitiveness required to succeed in this ever-changing industry. As caretakers of your land, our promise to you is to take as much pride and care into your land management as we do in our own.

Throughout the years, our farming operation has been both commercial agriculture and livestock, though we are now primarily row crop farmers, harvesting a mixture of corn and soybeans. As tenants, we are flexible to our landowners or land management provider's needs and wishes as far as their land is concerned. Our goal is to provide competitive pricing for landowners, while upholding the quality and longevity of their land.


Our Farm 

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Cummings Farms has been able to maintain an honest farming operation for over seven decades, taking pride in treating each of our clients with equal respect and loyalty, regardless of size.


Located in the Malcom Township of Poweshiek County a mile north of I-80, our bin site and base of operations is a self-reliant, state of the art harvesting facility, complete with our own weigh scale, grain weight and moisture test machine, 1100 bushel capacity grain pit, two 2000 bushel GSI tower dryers with Watchdog capability, and adequate bin storage space. We own and operate our own equipment, allowing us full control over our planting process, spraying requirements, harvesting techniques, and grain hauling contracts. Our current areas of service include Poweshiek and Mahaska County.

As the farming industry evolves, so too does our operation (check out our blog to view The Progressive Farmer Magazine feature article about our evolving operation). Each year brings new and unexpected changes to the way we farm - whether it's difficult weather issues, pest control, new advances in farm equipment, and many others. Aside from Mother Nature, many of these concerns are within our control, and we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring each one is dealt with accordingly. Without the help of all of our full-time and part-time employees - who are just as much a part of our farm as the ground we work - many of these concerns would be impossible to resolve.


Our Services

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Owning our own equipment allows us the freedom and control to farm in the most successful way possible, and the equipment we incorporate into our everyday farming routines offer us a competitive advantage. Below are some of the services we provide as your land tenant:


•  Soil Sampling

•  Spraying

•  Planting

•  Soil Finishing

•  Grain Harvest

•  Grain Drying

•  Grain Storage

•  Grain Hauling

•  VRT Application

•  Snow Removal

•  Field Cosmetics**


** Our field cosmetics include a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to: mowing road ditches and waterways, field tiling and waterway management, tree and fence removal, dozer and excavator work, and many similar tasks that provide a cleaner, efficient, and overall more attractive farm. Proper farm maintenance is something we feel very strongly about.

Steady growth is a quality of any well designed business, and we strive to achieve this without affecting the quality of work we do. Creating new and successful partnerships within the agricultural community will help ensure the future of our operation.


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