2014 Summer Update

  With our 2014 spring planting season completed, our focus is now turning toward post-crop spraying and additional nitrogen application. The recent warm weather we've had lately has really ignited the corn. Though the conditions are still fairly dry, the forecast is looking like we could potentially be in for a wet couple of weeks ahead.

   In other news, we entered into a "New Farm Shop Contest" in the Progressive Farmer magazine, where they award winners in various categories for new farm shops, focusing on efficient floor plan design, overall appearance, and work-flow effectiveness. We were fortunate enough to be picked as the winner of our category, and sometime in late June one of the magazine's editors will be visiting our farm for some photos and interviews. The related article will be featured in the October 2014 edition of Progressive Farmer magazine, so we'll be sure to update you later this fall to remind everyone to check it out.

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