A few updates to take note of

   More picture galleries have been uploaded to the website from this past summer (Summer Pics 2013 and Aerial Helicoper Pics 2013). Our big project of the summer was the addition of a brand new, state of the art shop facility. We're still in the process of moving over from the old shop and getting everything organized, but its otherwise up and running. It probably won't be until late this fall or early winter before everything is completed, but we're all very excited with the new addition.

   We started the combines last Thursday on the 12th at the home field outside of Malcom. Things were a little slow at first as we worked out a few bugs, but for the most part things have gone fairly smoothly. One of the biggest issues the combine operators are having so far is the difference in moisture throughout the fields. As you can see from the aerial helicopter pictures we've added to the Farm Pics Page -- taken two weeks ago on Sep. 5th -- parts of the fields are ready to be picked, while other sections are still fairly green and much higher in moisture. The heavy rains from the spring have also caused quite a few washouts and are making things go much slower than normal.

   Things are sort of touch and go right now with the weather, so we'll keep you up to date when we get back out going full speed.

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