2014 Spring Planting Updates


  I just wanted to give everyone a little update on how our 2014 planting season is going so far. We got off to a good start the weekend of the 19th and 20th. Minus a few mechanical hiccups -- to be expected coming out of such a long winter -- everything has gone quite smoothly so far, and we had nearly a full week of good running before we were delayed by bad weather.

  We've added a few new additions to our operation this spring. Most noticeably is our new sprayer, which now covers a much wider swathe with 120 ft. booms versus the 90 ft. booms we used to use. With the added coverage, Chad is now easily able to stay ahead of the planters, even with the guys spending long hours in the tractor cabs.

  Another key feature we're trying out this year -- which I'm sure most of you have been hearing a lot about lately -- is our new farm drone. Some of you probably saw the video we presented at our annual Rube's event, but for those of you who didn't or weren't able to attend, I've added a video and a couple pictures to the Farm Pics section of this website to give everyone a better idea of how it operates and what it's capable of. As of right now, we're planning on using it mostly for crop scouting and aerial footage, but if you have any further questions about it or it's future applications, please feel free to send me an email and I'd be glad to share more with you on this particular subject.

  As for our current planting situation, this rain has definitely given us all quite a delay, and it's beginning to feel a bit too much like last spring. As I'm sure is the consensus feeling among everyone right now, we're wondering when this cold spell is going to be pushed out and finally get replaced by the warmer weather we're all desiring. The forecast does seem to brighten up next week, so for now have a look at our new drone video and check back in with us within the next week or so for some more planting updates. Hope everyone is doing well.

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