Progressive Farmer Magazine Article

  Last summer, we were fortunate to have Senior Editor Dan Miller from The Progressive Farmer Magazine come all the way up from Alabama to stop by our bin site for a visit. Dan was in charge of covering a story about new agricultural shops recently built here in the Heartland, and we were lucky enough to be chosen as one of his feature articles. We gave him a tour of our facilities and spoke about how our operation is progressing forward into the future, focusing primarily on the new shop we had built the previous summer.

  A few weeks later, photographer Bob Elbert stopped by to take some pictures for the article, and we spent a fun evening setting up different shots, covering various aspects of the shop and some of the equipment we had out. Bob has spent many years photographing a wide array of projects for Iowa State University.

The entire process was really great and both Dan and Bob were wonderful people to get to know. We were also really excited to find out that we landed the magazine's cover image as well for the October, 2014 Edition. To check out more photos or read the full article, click here.

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